We at outdoor design truly believe that there are two important components to creating  incredible outdoor living spaces. One being the time and preparation needed to provide a elaborate plan that best serves our clients lifestyle and the other being finding capable professionals to bring the vision to life. By taking a photo of your space then transforming it into 3D enables our clients to have a better visualization of our proposed concept.

If a design is necessary there will be a one time design fee associated as we work to bring the vision to a concept. During this time period of a week or two, outdoor design will create an elaborate 3D rendered image that includes a comprehensive break down of pricing and detailed dimensions. This will provide our customers with valuable tools and give them flexibility to make important decisions when it comes to hiring professionals to implement a design.

We are specialists in creating and implementing outdoor living spaces and would love that opportunity to bring them to life. We also can accommodate customers by offering for a fee project management services allowing clients to choose their own contractor while hiring us to manage the project ensuring the utmost quality. Other customers may choose to purchase for fee our detailed design ,detailed measurements , or a precise materials list all of which help with the execution of the project.

Once a decision is made to move forward to execute the plan outdoor design will ask for a 50% deposit to book a start date. At that time we will present our client with a payment schedule depending on the scope of project. Once project is complete outdoor design will walk thru the site assuring job meets our clients expectation. It is at that time outdoor design will collect the balance do in full.


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