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Plant Watering Instructions

Trees and Shrubs:

Proper watering is the most important thing you can do for the survival of your new plantings/lawn.

  • Hose: With a slow trickle of water, place the hose at the base of each plant. The larger the root ball the more water the plant will require.

  • 1-gallon plants around 2 minutes and larger root ball plants up to 20 minutes. This should be done twice a week.

  • *Note* the water pressure should be low enough that the water does not push the soil away.

  • Sprinkler: This is not the best way to water, because it only gets the surface of the soil wet. If you water this way, leave the sprinkler on for at least an hour to ensure soaking of the roots. Using a sprinkler will require more times to water per week.

  • Irrigation System-Drip: Your irrigation system should be set to water 3-4 times per week between 20-30 minutes. * Note* If your irrigation system does not have a drip pipe around new plantings, the Outdoor Design guarantee is void. Rotary irrigation heads produce an insufficient amount of water to properly soak new plant material root system.

Lawn (Grass, Seed &Sod):

Newly installed lawns (seed or sod) should be watered daily. Watering times will likely be based on weather conditions. For best results, after you finished watering, roll back a corner of the sod. If the soil below is not wet, continue watering until it is. With seed, take your finger and push into the soil. The top inch of soil should be wet, if not, continue watering, if not, continue watering. Continue watering daily until sod adheres to the ground and grass has germinated and is 2 inches tall.

*Note*: in full sun areas, a second-afternoon watering may be required.

Additional information:

*For all watering techniques, as the heat and temperature increase during the summer months, so should the number of times and duration you water.

*Transplanted plant material should have deep root watering done every day for the first 2 weeks and then maintain the same watering schedule as the newly installed plants.

*The best time of day to water is early morning, especially for lawns.

*Please avoid using sprinklers during the hot part of the day, because this can cause fungus and foliage burning.

Should you have any additional questions please reach out to a member of our knowledgeable staff at (203)-259-9630 or contact@outdoordesign.com.


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