Our team is happy to speak with you about your outdoor design needs.

Our team is happy to speak with you about your outdoor design needs.

Buxus sempervirens 'Green Pillar'

The Green Pillar Boxwood grows rapidly into a slender column of green, up to 9 feet tall, but only a foot or two in width. It is perfect for a striking specimen in a bed, or to mark the corners of a terrace with a formal touch. Grow it in planters or boxes for a great look, or use it for a narrow screening hedge, where horizontal space is limited. This variety is cold resistant. It normally doesn’t brown in winter, so it really is green all year round. Unlike other boxwoods, this one grows naturally upright, so it will not become wide, even if you never trim it – a super-easy accent plant for every garden.

The Green Pillar Boxwood has some drought resistance once it is established. Plant it in full sun or partial shade. This variety needs no trimming to stay narrow and neat, but an occasional trim will keep it perfect. In areas with heavy winter snow, permanent staking is recommended to protect your tree from falling under the weight of snow.

A fantastic, narrow, upright shrub with dark green foliage, the Green Pillar Boxwood is the perfect plant for any situation from formal foundation plantings or even as a privacy hedge if left un-pruned. Great for topiary shapes due to its high tolerance to tight pruning.
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