Ilex pedunculosa (female) Longstalk Holly

Ilex pedunculosa is a very hardy evergreen with red berries, small, pleasantly scented flowers, and showy foliage that is spineless and much like mountain laurel. The fruits are relished by birds and hang down on long stalks. It can be pruned as a dense broad shrub or left to grow as a small tree. It is one of the most cold-hardy hollies For females to bear fruit, a male pollinator is needed within 200 feet; rule of thumb is to provide one male for every three females to insure that good pollination will take place.
This holly can be grown in full to partial sun. It is drought tolerant once established. Prune in the late winter to control its size if needed. The plant does not tolerate transplanting, especially as the plant get older, so it is best to place the plant in its permanent position with some winter protection for the first year or two. Plants are very tolerant of pruning and can be cut right back into old wood if required. The fruit and evergreen leaves make for winter interest in the landscape. The spiny leaves make this a good choice for a barrier or privacy screen or use as an impenetrable hedge. 
Mostly pyramidal
Full sun to part shade
Height: 20-30 ft
Width: 15-20 ft
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